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Immediate Access to Specialists

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Triage Patients with Confidence

PicassoMD enables you to get a specialist’s opinion in real-time while your patient is still in the office.

Work with Your Favorite Specialists

PicassoMD lets you work with your existing network of specialists and provides a safety net of value-based specialists if your preferred providers aren’t available.

Streamline Referrals

No more fighting with fax machines or writing out referrals by hand. PicassoMD facilitates referrals with your chosen specialist and patient.

Improve Patient Experience and Outcomes

Resolve more of your patient’s issues in pocket cost while ensuring your patients get the specialist care they need faster.

Stay HIPAA Compliant

Texting other providers about patients is likely a HIPAA violation, with fines running up to $50,000 per incident. PicassoMD’s secure, fully-encrypted platform helps you maintain HIPAA compliance.