We Are Modernizing the Way Providers Work. Together.
PicassoMD connects primary care providers and specialists for real-time clinical decision support, referrals, and care coordination.
Real Time E-Consultation
Trusted specialist advice on demand across more than 30 specialties.
Referrals, Reimagined
We simplify your referrals by more easily surfacing quality specialists and improving transparency around the transition of care.
Care Coordination
Real time, HIPAA-compliant collaboration between PCPs, specialists, and their staff.
Real World Solutions
Trusted by World-Class, Mission-Driven Organizations.
We are proud to be a trusted resource to world class, mission aligned organizations.
Providers Love PicassoMD.
My experience was amazing.
Honestly, it brought me to tears! In all my 30 years of nursing, I have never seen something work so smoothly between a PCP and specialty medicine. It saved my patient from seeing a cardiologist. She was thrilled! This is how healthcare should be–working together for the best of the patient.
Amy Homan, NP
Prosano Health
Extremely useful and helped in my confidence that I was making the right decision. So nice that the consultant stayed with me as I was gathering new information and followed up today.
Donna Whitt, MD
Avance Care
It was GREAT!!!!!
The app is very easy to use. Providers are very prompt in their responses and I’ve received excellent feedback/advice!
Shuntay McCormick, NP
Outreach Health Services
It was honestly super easy to use.
I also get a very quick response. I'm really loving this app and looking forward to continue using it!
Giesela Delgado, MD
MedStar Health: Primary Care at Fort Lincoln
It was excellent!
I believe I saved my patient at least $400 by getting my question answered without a referral. That patient was thrilled.
Gertrude Shahady, MD
Central Virginia Family Physicians
I absolutely love PicassoMD!
I often like to just check and see if my thinking is on the right path, and if they have any other recommendations. It's great! I love it and I use it almost daily!
Sheri Moore, NP
Central Virginia Family Physicians
I just wanted to reach out and say thank you
for all of your hard work making this happen for our office, it has been nothing short of amazing!
Jordan Riddle
Newton Family Physicians
What you guys are doing is amazing!
It makes it feel personable and our patients appreciate that.
Rose Caswell
It was great! Everybody is always so helpful!
I have gotten to where I like asking anything I'm the least bit unsure of.
Britny Owens, NP
Access Family Health Services
Always Good.
The provider was quick to respond and gave assistance that I could use immediately!
Tiffanie Ferry, NP
Coastal Family Health Center
I truly enjoyed it.
He didn't make me feel like I was incompetent and he gave excellent advice. I feel with this app I can provide excellent care for our patients.
Tressa Matthews, NP
G.A. Carmichael Family Health Center
Real Time E-Consultation.
PicassoMD instantly connects primary care providers with trusted specialists to assist in triaging while the patient is still in the office.
More about curbsides
Referrals, Reimagined.
PicassoMD helps navigate patients toward high-value specialists, decreases the time to appointment, and increases referral completion rates.
More about referrals
One Solution, Multiple Platforms.
PicassoMD is available wherever you need it and fits neatly into your current workflow. Use our mobile app to quickly curbside and make referrals between patients, or use our web app while you are with a patient.
Why use PicassoMD?
immediate answers
Get immediate access to specialists to help you triage patients with confidence, without impacting your workflow.
Eliminate Avoidable Care

Avoid 80% of planned ER visits and improve performance on value-based contracts by focusing on high-value patients.

Reduce Total Cost of Care

By eliminating waste and directing care toward value-based providers, PicassoMD saves insurers up to $250 per member per year, and lessens the financial burden for uninsured and underinsured patients.

Improve patient Experience

PicassoMD curbsides provide more first-visit resolutions. When a qualified referral is made, we help reduce the time to see a specialist by up to 75%.

Decrease referral Leakage

Systems can create direct connections between primary and specialist providers while simultaneously capturing referrals from out-of-network.

grow your referral network

Primary care providers build their rolodex of trusted specialists. Specialists become the logical destination for patients that need consultation and testing.

Referrals done better

Lose the fax machine and referral pad and send referrals the modern way. Get updated when appointments are scheduled and completed.

Maintain HIPAA compliance

Avoid fines by using our secure, encrypted platform for communications with other providers.

An Indispensable Tool in the Modern Provider's Arsenal

As a part of their everyday toolkit, like UpToDate or Doximity, providers rely on PicassoMD to connect with colleagues and improve patient outcomes.

A Rolodex of Relevant Providers at Your Fingertips

Instantly curbside with your preferred specialists or leverage PicassoMD’s network of value-based providers.

PicassoMD Is a Community

Provide help to primary care providers while building and strengthening referring relationships.

Your partner in value based care.
PicassoMD encourages the transition to value-based care for patients by directing care to high performing providers with better outcomes.
More about Value Based Care
By Providers. For Providers.
Who pays for PicassoMD?
PicassoMD partners directly with health systems, payors, ACOs, FQHCs, and individual practices to provide this service to clinicians.
Who uses PicassoMD?
PicassoMD is used by primary care providers, specialists, and administrative staff such as referral coordinators and practice administrators.
Who are the specialists answering my questions?
The specialists that answer your curbside questions are local, high-value specialists vetted by PicassoMD and providers like you. If a local specialist is not available, your question may be answered by PicassoMD's team of world-class specialists.
As a provider, what is my liability?
PicassoMD's platform facilitates electronic informal professional consultations between providers and qualified physician specialists, who are either local specialist providers or a part of PicassoMD's national bench network of specialists.
Informal professional consultations are an essential part of healthcare. They have occurred in person since the dawn of modern medicine, and by phone, email, text, and other electronic means as those technologies have become more prevalent. As with all informal professional consultations, all medical decision-making remains with the Provider and the patient.
Accordingly, Providers initiating curbsides remain responsible for the quality and appropriateness of care and any related malpractice issues. It is generally accepted that informal professional consultations between two physicians do not create a doctor-patient relationship, which is a prerequisite for a state malpractice claim or licensure issues.
How do I get started?
Simply download PicassoMD from the app store and register today. If you are not associated with a partner organization, you may still download the app but features will be limited. Please reach out to learn more about how your organization can partner with PicassoMD.
Is this HIPAA compliant?
Yes! All provider communication on our platform is encrypted and secure.
Results Matter.
Contact us to see how PicassoMD can improve your provider workflows and patient outcomes while drastically reducing unnecessary care.