PicassoMD instantly connects healthcare providers for clinical decision support, referrals and care coordination.

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Mobile Phone showing PicassoMD Curbside interfaceMobile Phone showing PicassoMD Curbside interface

Designed by practitioners for practitioners

PicassoMD empowers providers by putting critical, multi-specialty support at their fingertips.

The problem

Every year $50 billion is wasted on unnecessary ER and specialist visits.

½ of specialist referrals are unnecessary.

⅔ of ER visits are for non-emergencies.

our solution

Real Time Curbsides.

PicassoMD instantly connects primary care providers with trusted, local specialists to assist in triaging while the patient is still in the office.

our solution

Seamless Transitions.

If a referral is necessary, PicassoMD helps seamlessly transition the patient from the PCP to a local specialist.

our solution

Live Referrals.

We provide direct care coordination from the moment a referral is initiated to the time a consult is completed.

our solution

Results Matter.

By quickly connecting PCPs to a trusted specialist, PicassoMD is able to improve patient outcomes and drastically reduce unnecessary care.

Eliminate 40% of planned specialist referrals

Avoid 95% of planned ER visits

Reduce the time to see a specialist by 75%


PicassoMD has an 800% ROI for payers.

Proven results.

PicassoMD has eliminated over 40% of planned specialist referrals and more than 95% of planned ER visits.

Real Savings.

By eliminating waste and directing care toward value-based providers, PicassoMD saves payers up to $250 per member per year.

Satisfied members.

PicassoMD resolves more patient issues with a single visit and streamlines access to value based specialists


PicassoMD is a win for everyone.

Primary Caregivers

Get immediate access to specialists to help you triage patients with confidence, without impacting your workflow.

Primary Care


Build and nurture your base of referring providers, increase referral capture and manage your referrals with our easy to use dashboard.

Specialist Care

Health Systems

Decrease referral leakage while simultaneously capturing referrals from out of network.

Health Systems

Doctors love PicassoMD.


Primary Care Physician


Practice Admin


Practice Admin


Primary Care Physician


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