Build and nurture referring relationships.

Designed by practitioners for practitioners, PicassoMD helps expand your referral network and capture more referrals.

Build New Referral Relationships

Assist primary care providers in triaging patients and be the logical destination for those that need specialist consultation and testing.

Improve Referral Capture

Capture the 50% of referrals that never make it into your office. PicassoMD notifies you when a referral is made so your staff can proactively schedule appointments.

Seamless Transitions

See who’s been referred to you and whether they’ve been scheduled, securely exchange patient files, and collaborate with referring providers.

Get the Right Patients

Eliminate wasteful referrals into your practice so you can optimize your schedule with higher value patients.

Stay HIPAA Compliant

Avoid fines by using our secure, encrypted platform for communications with other providers.